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Pommery Royal Mustard   Pommery Royal Mustard
 "Mrs Huntingdon"    "Maggie"
 I think he might open it with his teeth he loves it that much!    Love this mustard - great as xmas gift - have bought at least 4 jars - on my last one ( given 2 to friends).
 Pommery Royal Mustard   Pommery Meaux Mustard
 "Mrs Simmonds"    "Stuart"
 Great mustard use it all the time to enhance meat dishes. Will definitely re-order this product.    We've been using this mustard for 5 years now, It really is lovely, i often add a spoonful to gravy to give it a kick too. Delivered quickly and well packed, thank you.
Pommery Meaux Mustard   Pommery Meaux Mustard
  "Customer"   "Chris"
 This is the queen of mustards. It has a high proportion of brown mustard, which gives it a more subtle, mellow and less firey* tase than yellow mustards or the more common blended varieties. I love the texture of whole seeds too, somehow less processed than the smooth mustards. No added garbage is such a rare thing these days, but it allows the natural flavours to shine through. I keep mine in the refrigerator for a longer pot life when opened. It keeps really well and even ages gracefully. Worth paying that tiny bit more for the larger size.    Hard to write a review for a food product. However, this has been a favourite product for over 30 years. Its sad the real cork lid has gone with the wax seal but the plastic version does make more sense. This is a very mild, flavoursome mustard - even an infant would not object. Perhaps I should not recommend jusy in case the supplier runs out! As ever with my reviews, they are dependendent upon whether I would make a second purchase - there is a resounding yes in the instance.
Pommery Green Peppercorn Mustard   Pommery Firemans Mustard
 "Kasmei"    "Mr R Williams"
Unlike some of Pommery's other mustards - honey, moutarde de meaux etc. - this one doesn't have the wholegrain mustard. It's smooth and yellow. The taste of green peppercorns is definitely present, yet subtle and lacks the overpowering heat you'd get if you bit into a green peppercorn. I've become dairy intolerant and so have had to forego on my favourite peppercorn sauces to accompany the likes of steak. I am sure that now - with a bit of research and imagination - I will be able to create a sauce to suit me using this wonderful mustard. My only regret? I didn't buy a 500g jar!!!   Best mustard in the known Universe.



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