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We'll show you some of the very best wine that France has to offer.

Top 10 French Foods

We intend to share with you our ten best French foods that you can enjoy at home.
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What are traditional French foods?

It doesn't have to be haute cuisine, to be fantastic French food.

Traditional French Food

I’ve been visiting France for many years and absolutely love it there, so I might be slightly biased when I say this, but I believe that French food and drink is the best in the world. 

During my trips I’ve eaten more or less at every type of eating establishment, from some of the world’s highest rated Michelin star restaurants as well as some roadside snack bars and I’ve never been disappointed.

Compared to the UK, France is a vast country and so you will find that many of the different regions have their own unique areas of expertise. Take cheese for instance, which is hugely popular throughout all of the country, but you will find that the particular flavours/types of cheese that are most popular will vary throughout France.

My wife and I once spent and entire month touring France in our Motorhome trying to discover the best cheese that France had to offer. It was an impossible task to try and rate them because every time we tasted a new cheese, we were convinced it was the best one. Then a day or two later we’d try something else and think that was best!

An impossible job but it was fun to try. We still had our Capital Credit Card and internet access so we were not total savages!

While we were touring round France, we tried some “wild camping” which was fun to be “off grid” and not paying for accommodation certainly keeps the costs down. In the USA they call it boondocking which sounds a bit less scary.

Even a cursory search on the internet will allow you to find literally hundreds of farmers and winegrowers who are happy to let you stay overnight.

We had some great days/evenings wandering round vineyards and enjoying some of the best wine and cheese the world can offer you.

We went in our UK registered motorhome, so we had to buy some headlamp converters and a driving kit for France (they insist on hi viz vests and warning triangles etc) but other than making sure we had adequate breakdown cover for our French tour it was ridiculously easy.

French Wine at its best.

One of the the regions best ......

Great Taste of Wines

Travelling through France offers you the chance to visit great wine areas such as the Loire Valley, Champagne, Provence, Rhone Valley, Alsace, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Each area has its own climate, soil and geographical features that all help to create very unique characteristics that shine through in their wines.

Restaurants to suit everyone

Whatever you look for in a great restaurant you'll find in in France. 
A holiday to the Provence region of France was for a foodie like me a dream come true. 

The area offered a fabulous mix of delights to my senses.  The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the region exceeded my expectations.
Derek Belle